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Solar is a $100 billion (6 lakh crore) business revolution in India. And if you are interested to become a part of this industry as entrepreneur, we are offering our franchisee model on mutual benefits basis. A franchisee can help us in business expansion and Franchisee can get viable business opportunities.

Training With Us

An opportunity to become a part of solar power industry-the most emerging sector of the Nation.Now offering Hands on Solar Energy Training, Internship and Placement Programme. Online training program is also available for candidates who are not able to join hands on training programme.

Our Solar Services



Project Feasibility Study

Before starting a project, organizations need to have clarity on the expected yield, costs and risks. Paawan Energy consultants, proficient in various nuances of a solar power project, and ‘how much’

WHY US? Because we have a successful track record and our methodology is directly aimed at maximizing clients’ decision-making capabilities and benefits.

To determine feasibility of a project, the following aspects are covered:

  • Assessment of need for the project
  • Preliminary site and technical analysis
  • Policy and regulatory analysis
  • Viability enablers such as Feed-in-tariffs, REC benefits, accelerated depreciation benefits, subsidies, tax benefits, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) etc.
  • Evaluation of relevant business models (OPEX, CAPEX, REPEX, Group Captive, Captive, zero-investment, lease model etc)
  • Selection of the right business model
  • Budgetary analysis and Risk assessment
  • Yield and financial modeling

Design & Engineering Services

Paawan Energy adapt at designing and vetting Solar Engineering Drawings, calculations and quality procedures. Detailed Engineering encapsulates the power of preparing optimized plant designs in the best interest of gaining optimized plant performance as per the best practices.

  • Site survey & assessment
  • Contour Mapping, Shading analysis
  • System Design & simulation
  • Pre-feasibility Report
  • Preparation of Bidding document, RFQ, BOM
  • Procurement Management
  • Single line diagram
  • Equipment layout
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Structural Drawings

Project Management Services

To confirm highest standards in project execution, Paawan chalks out a road map for its clients by taking ownership of entire project and ensure that the project is handed over in a controlled and disciplined manner to the client.

  • Implementation Schedule
  • Quality Adherence
  • Health & Safety

Construction Supervision Services

  • Establish communication procedures between the onwer’s and contractor’s site and HQ teams for the relevant functions and issues
  • Monitor overall project progress and submit the Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports for plan Vs actual and the reason for deviations along with revised recovery plans for the overall activities for the project.
  • Prepare periodical reports for submission to lenders, investers and the various Government bodies as required
  • Organize and participate in the periodical project coordination meetings/Teleconference calls with relevant stakeholders
  • Proactively identify all risks and recommend actions to mitigate the same
  • Review of construction works for ESH and Quality standards (QAP) and submission of timely reports for ESH and quality metrics
  • Assist the site team in resolving Design, Quality, Contract and Site Management related issues

Project Planning & coordination

  • Analysis of all related aspects of Proposed Project like cost optimization, Feasibility, Project timeline, related compliances and Approvals, and to finalize the best team with their roles & responsibilities. Coordination with clients and suppliers

Procurement Support

  • Selection of appropriate suppliers for the project considering technical compatibility and services in Africa
  • To ensure the quality of equipments
  • To negotiate with suppliers for best prices
  • To ensure the delivery of material within timeline
  • To ensure the warranty clauses and applicability

Installation & Commissioning

  • Review Pre commissioning checklists for various systems and equipments & monitor completion
  • TS Marking, contouring, Civil work and Piling work (If Ground mounted), Erection of MMS with Modules, Cabling & Termination, installation of inverters, ACDB, Earthing, LA and other related equipments,
  • Pre-commissioning testing, Final commissioning
  • Witness Plant acceptance Performance Ratio test as agreed in the contract

Approvals & clearance

  • Shall provide related documents and coordinate with related agency/Department
  • Permits and Clearances obtained for the project
  • As built drawings
  • Equipment installation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Plant & Equipment Test Reports, Warranty & Guaranty Documents

Project Details

Client Name Scope of Work Project
HFM Solar, New delhi Site assessment; Design & Engineering; 5MW at Lucknow, U.P
 NCC Ltd, Hyderabad Site survey and assessment; Design & Engineering 1MW at Kannauj
PNC Infratech Ltd, Agra Site assessment, Feasibility analysis, Policy study and planning, Project Management 1MW at Agra
Tantra International, Mumbai Site survey, feasibility study, proposal formation, Project planning, Design & Engineering, Business Modelling, Project Management 5MW
Save The Children Site survey & Feasibility analysis, Design & Engineering, Preparation of Bidding Documents with  RFQ, SLD and Plant layout 1MW
IKM Solar, Greater Noida Feasibility analysis, Design & Engineering, Proposal formation, Project planning 3MW
RK Renewable, Bhilwara Site survey and assessment; Design & Engineering 2.5MW